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Audit services
Our audit activities are insured by an insurance company:
PJSC SAK "ENERGOGARANT" for 500 000 000 rubles and 250 000 000 rubles for each insured event, the insurance period from 20.10.2018 to 19.10.19 (No. 180005-030-000013).

Currently, audit services in Moscow are in great demand. The dynamic working rhythm of companies leads to errors and inconsistencies in various fields of activity. In such cases, it is simply necessary to provide professional audit services. They help to identify and correct shortcomings, avoid negative consequences, minimize risks.

The Mashaudit company carries out the activity more than 27 years. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible partner who can be trusted. Our highly qualified specialists have their own effective methods, accumulated knowledge and invaluable practical experience. You are available audit LLC, CJSC, JSC, JSC, SP, FSUE, sue, GBU.

Audit company "Mashaudit" annually insures its activities. For all the time of functioning of our company there were no cases of responsibility.
We perform the following types of audit
internet audit
audit support
Audit services are used by both organizations and enterprises, as well as private entrepreneurs. We individually approach each client, focusing on the specifics of his business. Maximum efficiency and affordable cost of our audit services are achieved through the formation of a trusting relationship with the customer and due to the many years of experience of our employees. Prices for audit services in Moscow are calculated individually for each client and depend on the level of complexity of the work performed.

Why is an audit necessary?

The audit allows to identify errors and shortcomings in the activities of the enterprise or organization, reduce the risk of conflict with the fiscal authorities. Our specialists carry out audits of enterprises on their own effective methods in accordance with the developed internal standards. Upon completion, the client is issued an audit opinion and report, which identifies the main problems, errors and gives detailed recommendations for their correction.

How do we audit financial statements?

Audit of accounting and reporting is an independent audit, the purpose of which is to identify the degree of reliability of the reporting documentation of an economic entity.

The Mashaudit company at professional level carries out audit of accounting statements of the enterprises and the organizations of various scale. In the course of our work, we obtain sufficient and relevant evidence to enable us to draw conclusions with confidence regarding:
  • compliance of accounting of an economic entity with documents and requirements of normative acts regulating the procedure of accounting and preparation of financial statements in the Russian Federation;
  • compliance of the financial statements of the economic entity with the information available to the audit organization on the activities of the economic entity.

We guarantee that the audit of the enterprise, firm and organization will be performed professionally, taking into account the current legislation and ethical standards. After the audit of the financial statements is completed, the client is issued an audit opinion.

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