Consulting services
Do you need professional consulting services in Moscow? Contact the specialists of the audit company "Mashaudit". We have been providing audit and consulting services for over 27 years. Over the years, the company's staff has established itself as a team of highly qualified professionals who professionally fulfill their goals. Our main task in providing consulting services is to help the client's business achieve high results. You can safely trust our specialists with any information, because we guarantee its confidentiality, which confirms the existence of a license for work related to the use of information constituting a state secret, issued by the FSB of Russia.

What does professional consulting mean? - these are services for consulting business on a wide range of financial, legal and other issues. Professional consulting services will allow Your company in the shortest possible time to move to a new level, with all sorts of risks will be minimized.

One of the main consulting areas of the company "Mashaudit" is management consulting. It involves the provision of a range of services aimed at effectively solving the problems often faced by senior managers. Areas where such problems can occur are very diverse: from the financial activities of the company and ending with the area of strategic management.

Having developed for You a business plan, business development strategy or providing consulting services for setting management accounting and budgeting, we will help you to introduce innovations. We have also included tax planning in our consulting services. The cost of consulting services is calculated individually for each client.