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International financial reporting standards (IFRS) services
International financial reporting standards (IFRS) is a set of documents regulating the rules for the preparation of financial reporting documents required by external users to make economic decisions in relation to the enterprise.

Mashaudit audit company offers financial reporting services in accordance with IFRS standards. We advise on various IFRS-related matters, audit your accounts and provide support in the reporting process.

As a result, the client is provided with financial statements in accordance with IFRS, including: tables on changes and consolidation, sample forms of reports, notes. In the future, this will allow the customer to work with the documentation, creating it according to the necessary standards. The cost of accounting under IFRS is calculated individually.

International financial reporting standards, in contrast to RAS (Russian accounting standards), are standards based on principles and not on strictly prescribed rules. According to paragraph 1 of article 2 of Federal law No. 208-FZ" on consolidated financial statements", consolidated statements in accordance with IFRS should be published by: credit, insurance and other organizations whose securities are admitted to organized trading by including them in the quotation list.

Paragraph 2 of article 2 of Federal law No. 208-FZ States that if Federal laws provide for the preparation and (or) presentation and (or) publication of consolidated financial statements, or if the constituent documents of an organization not specified in part 1 of this article provide for the presentation and (or) publication of consolidated financial statements, it shall be prepared in accordance with this Federal law.

Thus, in today's business environment, consolidated IFRS reporting is required:
  • to attract serious investors and creditors;
  • to establish cooperation with quality foreign partners;
  • to enter international markets;
  • subsidiaries of foreign companies.

In addition, IFRS financial reporting, especially in Moscow, allows the Manager to improve the level of efficiency of enterprise management.