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Legal support of business
Do you need professional legal support of business in Moscow? - contact the specialists of the company "Mashaudit". In addition to audit services, we provide legal services to individuals and legal entities for more than 27 years. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible partner who can be trusted. Our experts are ready to undertake legal support of any business: organizations, enterprises, firms, companies. We guarantee each client an individual approach, professional services and complete confidentiality of information.

We provide the following legal services:
  • registration and closure of legal entities;
  • consulting services on various legal issues;
  • preparation and execution of applications, complaints, petitions and other legal documents;
  • representation in courts and state bodies;
  • examination of legal documents, contracts, transactions.

Legal services and legal support of activity is periodically necessary, both for legal entities and for individuals. having Ordered from us legal support of the organizations, firms, companies, the enterprises, You will be satisfied as:
  • there will be no need to maintain a full-time lawyer, with all the ensuing consequences-payment of z. p, payment of holidays, sick leave, training, etc.
  • You get high-quality legal protection of your business. To effectively solve the tasks, the company "Mashaudit" involves not only professional lawyers, but also highly qualified auditors. This comprehensive approach allows you to quickly deal with the problem, studying it from all sides.